L’ambigu- La Palma de Mallorca

For our afternoon in the old town of Palma de Mallorca, we visited countless churches and found ourselves blissfully lost, leisurely exploring colorful street after colorful street. This place was an absolute dream….but, all the heat and walking came with an appetite.

We came across many overly touristy restaurants with photo card menus, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let us stop at them, so a quick Google search brought us to L’ambigu. Tucked just behind the main shopping areas, behind yet another church was this cozy courtyard. We lucked into a table just before it began to get busy with the late Spanish lunch crowd.

The waitress carefully added place mats, siting they made the old table nicer… and a small apero spread that I think I accidentally financially committed us to, but was a nice stomach appeaser anyway.

Of course, I had to have their version of the caprese salad, which rarely disappoints. I just cannot handle hot food on hot days.

My friend opted for a pesto pasta, which did look quite nice and she had no issue finishing despite the insane heat that day.

I would absolutely seek L’ambigu out the next time I’m in Palma. It was a respite from all of the overly touristy options and the shaded patio was the perfect accommodation for a simple meal in a hidden alley of the city.


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