Hotel HM Alma- Palma de Mallorca

We booked a trip to Mallorca three days before departing. We need a break and the cheapest beach flight that we could find would lead us to Palma de Mallorca and Hotel HM Alma. Only a 10 minute bus ride from the airport, the hotel was more than convenient and situated between two tranquil bays. In an abundance of inexpensive beach hotels, HM Alma stood out for it’s simple, Bali-inspired design and abundance of positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

The hotel resto was quite cute although we only used it for brekky.

The room was really simple, but felt clean and offered comfy beds. Really, what more could you want at the beach? A safe was $3 a day to use, so don’t bother. Housekeeping was punctual and swapped out beach towels daily even though you were supposed to do that yourself. I’m glad that we sprung for a small balcony on which to dry swimwear and air out the sandy bits.

There was even a small desk to host the obligatory conference call series. Questions I asked during that first day, “does this caftan seem business casual?”

While the view wasn’t amazing, the balcony did what it needed to do at the beach.

A small, well-equipped closet with a safe, if you must.

The ground floor hosted a small pool that we never tried for fear of the sand shedded from tacky guests washing their shoes. The rooftop pool was even better, all pretty people lounging by day and drinks by moonlight.

Would I return to Hotel HM Alma for the insanely inexpensive rate we got? ($500 each including a $400 flight…) Absolutely! Would I also be quite keen to try something else? 100% Nice last minute stay.


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