Noura- Paris

After walking over ten miles one day we found ourselves hungry and tired, not in the mood to change for dinner or land a proper meal. So we found ourselves at Noura midway through our walk home. The idea of small plates sounded perfect and when we saw there was an outpost in the south of France as well, we figured it couldn’t be too bad. Correct. It was perfect for what we were after.

Not having a full meal, we also opted out of a full bottle of wine. I just loved the half bottle in the half bucket.

We shared the halloumi which much have been flash fried. Absolutely incredible. Also, fatayer, tabbouli, pickled veggies, and falafel.

This was such a welcome surprise on the Grands Boulevards. I’ll definitely look them up if I ever am lucky enough to find myself in St. Tropez. Halloumi and swimwear is the best combination, as everyone knows.

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