TGV to Paris

Ah Paris…. is there anything in this world much better? Even the train ride looked kind of glamorous. A quick customs clear on platform 8 in Geneva, and three hours later voila! I took a first class ticket on the way there and a regular on the return. I’d recommend the splurge of a few extra francs for the nicer cars if you need to work. The seating set up was excellent for working en route.

Perhaps even more so thanks to my seat mate…. no one! Well, for the first two hours I was blissfully alone. For the final hour, a (rather handsome) gentleman extracted himself from a few seats over and came to share my table and sit with me. Excellent. Having not chatted up a decent guy in far too long, I was happy for the stranger’s attention. However, first I had to take a conference call, unfortunately the key topic was one of the disease screening products that I have the pleasure of accompanying. (I miss selling Grey Goose sometimes). So the only words this gentleman heard me say during our journey together were, “yes, that’s right, it works just like syphilis.”

We never spoke.

Ride the TGV!


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