Restaurant Nolinski

For our last night in Paris, we opted to schmance it up a little, get dressed, and go to a nice dinner at Hotel & Restaurant Nolinski. We started at the bar for an apero hour that I’d expected to be all sexy and mysterious glamour, but it was mostly people (not pictured) ending their days and just beginning to give the evening a think. This was at 8PM. I swear the late sunsets in Europe are screwing with circadian rhythms. So, this was all fine, but maybe better later?

The restaurant was well hidden within the hotel and took the staff to escort guests about which was actually pretty cool. The decor felt vintage and glamour, perfect for our night out. While looking dead here, the place was absolutely packed an hour later when people could enter under the cover of darkness.

We both were able to site on the same side of the booth which was excellent for viewing of the incredible live entertainment- a signer who crooned covers in both French and English. Absolutely, it could have had the most romantic vibe with that kind of company.

Since we aren’t romantic kind of company, we opted for a weird combo of starters recommended by our waiter. Something involving fried chicken set in a lettuce wrap and another of broccoli, greens, and buratta. Both were excellent.

My friend had ravioli in some type of mushroom sauce for a main. I tried one and while delicious, I would say my salmon and cauliflower was much better. It was that kind of savory sweet that tastes almost like candy. It was absolutely out of this world.

Very unfortunately, we opted for no desserts as we were off to Monsieur Bleu for night time Eiffel Tower viewing and dessert. To our suprise, you could not have dessert and view the Eiffel. A three course meal was the only option. Instead, we were escorted to the bar, where were also not allowed to have dessert. An excellent calorie save, but far too many rules. I feel like Nolinski would have welcomed our dessert eating, hell maybe even encouraged it!

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