Bel Ami- Nyon

A few friends and I hit up the Cafe Bel Ami in a most random location in Nyon. The restaurant featured an extensive patio chock full of lemon trees and a menu that was an interesting mix of Peruvian, American, and a little Tex Mex. The three of us being all American were here for just that- even if my friend’s burrito included French dressing inside and flowers sprinkled on top. Just as in Tex Mex.

Anyway, a cocktail can change the world, or at least the day and these did just that. I’m told the Pisco Sour was great. The “Mother of Dragons” or spicy martini, was more paprika than pepper…but still, it was nice to not have a completely sweetened drink.

My second drink was a Paloma, without ice, but with flowers. A fair trade, but far, far too sweet for me.

My dinner was the tuna ceviche, which was all in all pretty good. It came with an excellent combo of side salad and a really nice sweet potato fry which was a welcome change. The tuna kind of leaked fish juice all into the salad (and my white silk blouse) so the plating combo was maybe questionable, but I’d absolutely love to come back here and try something else soon. Thanks for a lovely night, my Bel Ami.


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