Pizza Vino- Geneva

One sunny day of recent, I’d spent 5-6 miles traipsing around Geneva to the point where I officially had a sandals suntan. Naturally, I’d worked up an appetite. Rather than Google what’s best in the area (and there are tons of options in the neighborhood of Carouge) I opted for what looked good on a whim. So, I landed out the busy, but not too busy “Pizza Vino” just off of a main thoroughfare in Carouge. The wafting of garlic was enough to attract any passersby.

I was looking for a ‘snack’ not a pizza, though would definitely try a pizza based on that smell! The service was fast and friendly, until I made a huge gaff. I’d asked for an entree and no main. On purpose. Then, I got the could shoulder from the waitress who informed me that this would be impossible. So I ordered the larger sized Caprese as required by law. Luckily, I was hungrier than I realized and ate it all. It really was one of the better Capreses of the summer- firm tomatoes and clearly a high quality cheese. Little pesto and even side car spicy oil. Another glass of vino and a tip left me on nice footing with the waitress in the end, so I will look forward to returning. Next time, I won’t forget the ordering rules of entree before main.


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