Bar Mumbai- Nyon

Ah, the much loved Bar Mumbai of Nyon. After explaining to my friend from Mumbai, that yes this really was the name of the bar, she insisted we go immediately. Can take the girl out of Mumbai, but you can’t take Mumbai out of the girl. Funny to see a packed Indian resto in the middle of an extremely Swiss square, but it is an institution around here.

We visited on a random weeknight for snacks and drinks and fortunately (or not) it was the semi-finals of the Euro Cup. The place was packed with people wearing English flags and waving the Danish ones. We managed to split one chicken wrap that was quite nice prior to the waitstaff being tasked with relocating televisions outside. Groups of teens flooded the place. We found ourselves waiting over an hour for the other small plates that we ordered and finally ended up cancelling them so we could run away from the revelry. We saw the cute game kickoff car that drove onto the field with something special. Was it a coin? Extra Gatorade? We will never know. Then, enjoyed the cute football players. Did it matter who won? Too much wine and half of a wrap said no, it did not. Despite the absent service, we agreed to return soon to try more delights from my friend’s hometown.


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