Restaurant Octopus- Geneva

Remember that time I dined at Restaurant Octopus in Geneva? It felt like yesterday…well, it nearly was! That’s how I had octopuses so near and dear to my mind when I answered a trivia question from Geneva Buy Club regarding which restaurant’s signature dish was….octopus. I answered brilliantly with Restaurant Octopus and much to my surprize and delight was awarded a gift card for a return visit.

I treated my friend to a lady date night and we enjoyed a meal courtesy of the trivia bill. (All the champagne we drank was all ours, however. Whoops!)

This round, I knew I wanted octopus as a main and opted for the salmon tartare starter. While fresh, it could have used some flavor and/or some cracker-y bits for serving. The dried bread didn’t cut it.

The octopus main was generous and delicious. It was served is a strange tomato foam (as last time), a schmear of tzatziki, and a huge mound of lentils- an interesting side choice.

It stays dark until 22:00 here, I swear this was a respectable dinner hour.

For dessert, of course I was ordering the charming lemon tart which last time was brought in the shape of a lemon. This round it was slightly different, in a ‘tranche’ form and no red fruit couli. Absolutely delicious, but bring back taht adorable tart from visit one, please.

So much octopus in one month is certainly a push to beachy travel… right? Taking these back to back octopuses as a sign for a near-future adventure 😉 Thank you to the Octopus Restaurant for another excellent lady date!


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