Le Patio- Chardonne

I decided to receive my vaccines in the most glamorous way offered in Switzerland, along the Montreux Riviera. Ok, this also gave me access to them a few weeks earlier than the area around my home, but just pretend that the glam factor played a large part in it, because it brought me to the gorgeous restaurant Le Patio. The evening before the final jab, I decided to spend the night nearby to celebrate the end of Covid. What a year and a half it has been! Who couldn’t use a glass of bubbly after all that?

Well, these views 1,100 meters up Mount Pelerin certainly had a calming effect.

I was quite impressed that they’d given me, a solo diner, a truly excellent table at the front of the patio at the last minute, while larger parties sat behind. You never know how solo dining with prime real estate will go, so I was really appreciative of this.

Obligatory bubbly shot. My darling waiting kept topping me off. Wink, wink.

He also brought wine from “down the mountain” immediately. How charming to just point and say ‘your wine is from there.’

My starter was this octopus carpaccio with crispy feta. This very well could be the best thing that I’ve eaten in Switzerland. Absolutely flavor overload with this gorgeous olive oil and dots of sweet and savory sauces throughout. Flavor explosion. I wish I had ordered this for both courses.

Just gorgeous!

I elected salmon for my main which was simply prepared and delicious. It arrived with an artichoke puree and a yogurt sauce. Move over potatoes, I can really get behind this artichoke puree.

For the grand finale were some raspberries marinated in something very sweet and very boozy. Topped with a tall meringue hat. A few bites were fine to end on, but it was far too sweet for me.

Le Patio was truly an incredible experience. I was hesitant if I should pull the trigger on this overnight and fancy meal and I am so glad that I did. It was really a gorgeous evening.

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