Octopus Restaurant- Geneva

A few days ago was the birthday of my dear friend. We met in Geneva for a leisurely, ‘ladies who lunch’ at the Octopus Restaurant near Champel. This meal had quite the build up for us as we were supposed to enjoy this restaurant back in October, but then her husband had Covid and then the lock down hit. Again. So, eight months later, we were over the moon excited to spend a sunny afternoon on this darling patio. While we were dining, these beautiful rose petals kept falling on us without a rose bush to be seen anywhere. It was very romantic and I’d told my friend I’d hired it for her birthday, but really I think it was just the magic of the Octopus’s garden.

The graphics alone instantly transport you somewhere outside of Geneva.

I also fell hard for the table set-ups with colorful powder-coated metal furnishings (that were surprisingly comfy) and Venetian style glasses.

Again….the graphics!

We both started with an Italicus spritz which was a winning combination of bergamot liquer, prosecco, herbs, and probably some other stuff. It is new to their menu and was a big hit with both of us.

My friend started with the cold cucumber soup, which looked quite refreshing. It was served in an absolutely massive bowl that I might put pasta in for a dinner party. She never found the bottom of the bowl, but said it was delicious.

For my starter, when in Rome, of course. I opted for the grilled octopus tentacle which is served with some sort of tomato foam and tzatzikik sauce. Well cooked and very nice.

For my main, I opted for seared scallops or “Coquilles Saint Jacques snackee.” Such a dramatic and descriptive name. They were served with an absolute mound of leeks (that I never found the bottom of) and arancini which was fun and strange all at once.

Dessert absolutely stole the show! I ordered the something that translated to “like the heart of a lemon” and was presented with this absolutely charming lemon-shaped dessert. Why is it that just the smallest change to interpretation, like this, can easily bring so much delight?

The middle was full of lemon tart and red fruits. Delicious.

My friend opted for this absolutely massive chocolate and salted caramel eclair. I had a taste and can attest it was good, but it was basically a chocolate hot dog, so I was quite happy with my choice.

We booked Octopus on The Fork and managed to save 40% on food which is kind of mind blowing. The staff was kind and even though the patio was quite full, they were very attentive. I would absolutely return for another lovely Sunday afternoon on the Octopus’s patio.

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