Hotel Eden Roc – Ascona

Earned every calorie of the macaron quartet.

After three nights at the very cute and clean Seven Boutique Hotel, I was going to upgrade a wee bit to the Hotel Eden Roc at the other end of Ascona. Thank you for letting me cash in some free nights here because this place was absolute heaven. The property was STUNNING. Meticulous gardens flanked every inch of this four restaurant, five starred joint that seemed to have stepped straight off of South Beach which it’s quirky corners and bright bedrooms.

I’d read about the property online in advance and in addition to it being gorgeous, it also looked quite lively. Like people were mingling and dancing lively. I’m not sure if this is even allowed any more and I wasn’t exactly looking to party, but I could have gone for letting my hair down a night or two. Maybe it was just because we were coming out of Covid, maybe it was the pricing, maybe the video I saw was really good sponsored content, but Hotel Eden Roc was very, very peaceful. Like no music by the pools peaceful. A silent dance party was unlikely. I mean in the evenings there was this one gorgeous piano player who could bring you to tears with his emotional Coldplay covers, but I probably wasn’t going to kick my shoes off. So, buyer beware, Hotel Eden Roc is absolute magic, but maybe an odd choice for a solo trip for a thirty something when the average tourist seemed to be mid-sixties German who keeps to themselves. Bring your German and your partner and have the greatest long weekend ever!

My room was the most basic, but was pretty phenomenal. Saturated in lemon yellow, it had excellent housekeeping service and even received a few tv channels from London, so I could indulge in a few of my favorite, abhorrently bad dating shows an excellent perk for the weary solo traveler.

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