Swiss Miss: Valle Verzasca

After eating your pizza at the Lido Campground, walk just another 10 minutes to Tenero. From there, you can see the very small town, but also catch the bus to Valle Verzasca. You’ll pass that famous dam from Goldeneye that seems to be on a lot of Ticino to-see lists. View it from the bus so you don’t have to get out to look at a wall of concrete. Perfection. A 30-40 minute ride brings you to a stop just outside of the Ponti dei Salti, this famous stone bridge over gorgeous water that is terrifying to walk over and also swim in- I tried both- but the views, man! This place looks absolutely fake between the water color and green mountains shooting seemingly straight up. There’s another epic-ly old church and a couple shops that sell picnic supplies – wish I’d thought to do this for lunch. I nearly didn’t make the trek out here, but I’m very glad that I did. Just note that there is one bus back per hour and these can be quite crowded, so make sure you plan accordingly.


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