Camping Lido Restaurant – Muralto

Does it seem like this vacation is nothing but long walks and eating pizza? It was. This one was a favorite too. At the end of my long stroll from Locarno to Muralto, I was desperate for some lunch. Trusty Google maps told me that I had a choice of a few restos up ahead at the lakeside in Muralto. I was sweaty, wearing hiking gear, and was kind of an adorable mess. So, when I came upon the first stop that looked like a fine choice, but also maybe an actual restaurant, I decided to keep moving. That’s how I randomly came up on the Lido campground and restaurant. The place was insanely inexpensive and really delicious. The waiter was attentive to me and really attentive to others, like a true Italian joint. You could tell he knew his customers and really inquired about their day before placing a drink order. Though, it was all in Italian, so who knows, they could have been placing bet, complaining about dirty Americans or anything, but I think the place was too legit for any of that. Absolutely stop here as a reward ($4 wine, $20 pizza) at the end of your stroll from Locarno to Muralto.

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