Seven Boutique Hotel – Ascona

Seven Boutique Hotel- what a little gem, you are. Thanks for being so easy, clean, and inexpensive. You have bars and restos all over town where I could eat inside (Merci!) and were just a darling find in an excellent, central location in Ascona. The hotel is set among a handful of old houses in the old town. One on the water houses their Battello Bar, which was my post up every evening for some excellent people watching, average cocktails, kind staff, and blaring American classic music.

The quaint space was full of music memorabilia and the porch had some very fun swings that I only saw used once or twice over the weekend.

My area of the hotel was just a block off of the main street and featured an absolutely charming courtyard.

Mid-courtyard, there was this old well for some reason. Would have love to have known what this was all about…

I just loved the details. Each hallway had some antique looking furniture or pottery.

My room had my former apartment number, so naturally that was already lucky. I had the smallest room in the spot as I’d splurged on other accommodations later in the week. While small, it was serviceable, and really, impressively clean.

Sleepaway camp with a little bit of a nautical feel.

There was a teeny tiny desk which was helpful for make-up in the mornings.

A small closet featured a safe and a few hangers. What else could you need?

The tiny fridge didn’t fit a bottle of water or half bottle of wine, so not sure of the goal here. It would be better served a little larger, under the tiny desk…but whatever.

The bathroom was tight, but clean.

The shower was bigger than the rest of the bathroom. If you stay here, I’d suggest bringing all of your own lotions and potions. While supplying shower gel/shampoo, it was really just water with bubbles in it.

The view was something to be desired, but what else would you expect from the budget of budget rooms.

I would absolutely recommend Seven Boutique Hotel. I wasn’t sure about extending my vacation so I cheaped out on the room, but even while staying there I recommended it to other tourists. Thanks for a great kickoff to my vacation, Seven Ascona!

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