Le Pavois – Morges

After a strenuous morning strolling through a park full of tulips, my friend and I had a leisurely lunch at Le Pavois on the lake in Morges. The restaurant was teaming with families for Mother’s Day, but it was nice to be out and sit on a terrace, even if we were far from our own mothers.

The restaurant was one of the traditional, sort of stuffy Swiss joints, but it was right on the water, so what do you expect. The service was primarily in French (or they were just being kind to my trying) but was top notch.

My friend and I both started with this gorgeous mixed salad.

For the main, I finally had filet de perch which is basically the national dish of Switzerland, or at least the region. Every restaurant has it and every portion I’ve seen has about 15 fish in it. This was no exception. The fish was mild, white with a few small bones. Some veggies and fries were served alongside. All in all it was just okay. Not sure if that’s a testament to the restaurant or the dish. Or perhaps I was just stuffed with the American sized portion?


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