L’Atelier in Lavaux

L’Atelier, the only restaurant I could dine in this quarter thanks to my last minute hotel stay at Hotel Lavaux. The restaurant was very well spaced for the pandemic and the entire wall of open windows ensured that guests got plenty of circulated air if not able to dine on the terrace. I was surprised to be seated inside, but it worked out quite well.

My very cute and very young waiter insisted on not speaking English with me, so that was quite fun, especially as the wine wore on. Nothing like a stranger of a young man to make a girl nervous.

Course one was extremely boring, but what can I say, I love a salad and would start every meal with one.

For the main, I was torn between tuna tartare, a favorite, but got a wild hair and selected the trio of tuna. I was expecting one piece of tuna kind of divided and prepared into three different ways. This was THREE pieces of tuna (one, oddly deep fried) served with purple, floral potatoes and two types of polenta. Such a very strange combo and so much food! It was good, but I wasn’t ready for it.

The wine was PHENOMENAL. I have taken to waiters’ recommendations without asking too many questions, like price. One day this is going to bite me in the arse, but this did not. Absolutely lovely.

I was watching multiple birthday celebrations and a couple get into a very interesting fight where the woman stormed off without her coat and had to return for it. So I had to order dessert and see how it all panned out. I had the homemade tiramisu, which wasn’t amazing, but it was nice to eat a dessert in a restaurant.

Just when I thought I was headed for bed, some limoncello was delivered to my table. Never necessary, but what enjoyable ever is.

L’Atelier was a very fun little restaurant in Hotel Lavaux with excellent staff and nice food. The people watching from those clearly in the vineyards all day was next level. Would absolutely return.


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