Swiss Miss: Easter Eats

The last six weeks have had shops hawking their finest in Easter treats, many of which are thematically shaped baked goods. I have honestly been shocked by what a big holiday this is over here- chocolate rabbits and eggs of every size and color and Easter bakes from discount chain to glamorous patisserie. One one hungry stop at my local shop, I figured I’d just pick up a few and see what all of the fuss was about.

Lamb Cake: This demonic looking sugared creature would do well with eyes and a half smile. (Please note: the ear was lost in transport). It felt wrong slicing it like a cadaver and tasting it. I started with the bum and eventually had to taste the head. Such a literal religious symbol, it just fest really messed up. Alas, the cake is akin to a dry pound cake that’s slightly almond flavored. Not worth the mental or pear-shaped stress, so into the trash it went.

Rabbit Hazelnut Swirl: Why is the bottom of this rabbit round and swirled? Was he hypnotizing me into thinking this would be delicious? This ‘treat’ was also highly disappointing. Dry bread and the hazelnut part wasn’t that sandy gooey goodness you’d find swirled in a cinnamon roll, it was literally just chopped nuts. Very boring. Hop (or roll) away, little rabbit.

Dove Colomba: Finally, a treat worth the calories. These are everywhere. Everywhere! From this small handheld to giant Panettone sized, these cakes have been flying all over Geneva for the last few weeks. A couple of the high end shops even were selling Dolce and Gabanna branded Colombas. Absolutely, I will need to try one of these next year. The bread is similar to a Panettone, kind of breezy, slightly sweet, with dried apricot pieces throughout. It’s topped with some sort of almond sugar goodness. Like no Easter treat in the US, I really enjoyed this one, even it was not dressed in runway fashion of D&G.

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