Swiss Miss: Interlaken & Grindelwald

It had been <gulp> 11ish years since I’d been to Interlaken and I’m amused to say that it has not changed one bit! At least the old town looks just as it did, complete with a sign in the window of an adult shop claiming ‘last sex shop before the Jungfrau.’ Glad to know that campaign is really working for them.

Three days in the area was just perfect. We walked around a mostly shut Interlaken, took the ski gondolas to the amusingly named ‘First’ area of Grindelwald for a stroll on the Tissot Cliff Walk, and finished the day with a very long hike from Lauterbrunnen that ended 5,000 feet higher in the cute ski town of Murren. We did all the things. This region definitely warrants a stop on the list of anyone seeking the quintessential Swiss experience. The tiny Lauterbrunnen was set in such magnificent surroundings (of both mountains and vending machines of wine and cheese!) that I would absolutely opt for an overnight here on next visit.


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