Hey Restaurant- Interlaken

We’d planned to dine at The Hey Restaurant both nights of our stay as a hotel stay is required for in-restaurant dining in Switzerland just now. To say that we were elated to put on decent clothes and be served food we did not cook ourselves was an understatement. Friday night rolled around and we headed downstairs for the pre-set menu as they were only offering one choice, but we could not have cared less, we were into it.

The restaurant was spacious and fairly chic in its decor. It went with a subtle jungle theme which had panthers throughout and a soundtrack of birds chirping rather than music which was a bit odd, but we were too excited for dining to care.

The table was lovely and our waitress was helpful and charming. The wine we had was extraordinarily overpriced, but again, we were here to pay that price. And it was absolutely delicious. I’m looking to order some for home actually. Cuvee Madame Rosmarie Mathier if anyone is interested in a new bottle to test drive.

Mask free and ready to eat. Wild!

The first course was a lukewarm cauliflower and garlic soup with some very hard croutons. Aside from the temperature, it was really delicious.

The main was a truffled risotto with asparagus. Again, it was good, though extremely rich. It would have made a nice side to a piece of fish.

Dessert was a chocolate creme brulee that was gigantic. Not something I’d order, but slightly reminiscent of brownie batter, I wasn’t mad about it.

A carb heavy meal, but it was nice to be out in the world, people watch, and wear real shoes. I would return to this restaurant in normal times and select for myself to try it again. Night two of dining was cut because they were closing the restaurant the next day and they kept changing the menu which screamed ‘hey we’re cleaning out the freezer.’ It started as chicken cannelloni, then was ham, then finally we said we will cancel at salmon cannelloni because that combo sounds just a tad too horribly creative.


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