The Hey Hotel- Interlaken

One sad macaron feels sparse, like these accommodations.

The Hey Hotel Interlaken was my recent crash pad for a few days of hiking and sightseeing in the Alps. This was the first hotel I’d selected maybe since early 2020! A few airport hotels in between…I was hoping this would be a breath of fresh air.

Hey cow mascot upon entering….she’s a beauty, but I never caught her name though.

The lobby was quite clean, though a mashup of stylings. Not the kind of place you’d want to hang out, but it did the job. Not pictured: a marijuana plant, a few random skateboards, and a jewelry case of shockingly stuff selections.

The room was spacious and mostly clean, though far too sparse for my liking. It was lacking pillows, a fridge, an ice bucket, glasses, lotion, a working safe, a table, smart tv…. Maybe these small things aren’t essentials if you’re just hiking all of the time, but for some travel in this weird window just now, it really needed a bit more comfort. We were probably too soon on our mission. There were no notes in the room or stickers on the door for cleanliness either which was a bit disappointing for this timing.

Classy table.

Small desk and the perfect space for a fridge.

The bath kept the sparse theme but was overall clean.

I had saved up months of hotel hope for The Hey Hotel, probably unfair for this small spot in a tourist town, but I am sad to say, she just didn’t deliver. The staff was very nice and when we ran into issues, they solved them, but I just cannot support the value of the room. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll search out somewhere new.


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