Swiss Miss: St. Maurice

St. Maurice! Who knew that this cutie little town was hiding in the flat faced mountains? My friend and I visited it because we liked the name and it was at the end of a train line. Turns out, this charming wee town was an excellent place for a small stroll, but a bigger hike. After a nice cup o’ joe and a croissant, we checked out the abbey that the town is known for and then hiked up around a “fair garden waterfall” which was more like a dribble. Good walk with a killer view of the towns, river, and vineyards below. My friend produced some rose from her bag and we enjoyed a nice picnic spot to take it all in. On the journey back, I peered in all of the WWII bunkers open in the side of the mountain. Otherworldly place and I would look forward to returning on a day when things were open and maybe with a bicycle, as we saw many breeze by on the river trails.


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