Swiss Miss: Montreux

Montreux has been high on my Swiss Miss visit list for several years now and somehow I was just not making that one hour train journey around the lake! Awakening on a sunny Valentine’s Day after a fun weekend, but with lots of work chat and home improvement projects, I just had to get out of the house! No sense wasting a beautiful day finishing an abundance of half started projects; I had done electrical work this weekend, for goodness sake, that’s it, I am going. Maybe I’ll even stay the night…ok, upon further consideration (quick Google search) I realized Valentine’s Day in a place known as the ‘Montreux Rivieria’ could only be afforded in dreams had in one’s own bed.

I strolled along the coast line of the lake apparently for a cool eight miles, both my Fit Bit and my hamstrings told me the next day. The view was absolutely spectacular with mooring boats and gorgeous foliage-lined paths at eye level that quickly gave way to snowy alpines as your view ran upwards along the mountains. I visited Chateau Chillon which had also been high on my to-do list after purchasing a photo of it for the office many years ago. A secluded pebbly beach had my name written in the sparkly water. It was nice to just kick back on a rock and take in the sights around me. A stroll for brightly colored beach glass (easily disguised as pieces of Heineken bottles) and then back to the train station to return home to cook a nice dinner. The sunny day brought me such happiness, the vin chaud, warmth, and just to chill on a log for a bit, peace. This had turned out to be the best Valentine’s Day in recent memory and already has me planning a trip for spring.

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