Swiss Miss: Prangins

Prangins, the very sleepy, most adorable village next door. With less than 4,000 people, it makes my Nyon look downright cosmopolitan. They are however, known for an exceptionally great restaurant (closed for Covid, of course) and castle, so it’s not all sleepy adorableness. It is seriously cute.

A most Swiss car found on the stroll to Prangins.
Auberge in the town’s center
Very cute church

After so many trips in this region, I took the opportunity of being locked down to take the 40 minute stroll over, possibly picking up a professional basketball player along the way for a first date. Ah stories of Switzerland.

The castle was quite large with gorgeous French gardens, very much the highlight of the date.

Prangins will definitely be worth another visit when the restaurant and castle are both back open to the public. For now, it’s a lovely spot for a Sunday stroll, probably best served solo, lest you talk about basketball the entire time.


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