Mr. & Mrs. Renou

There is nothing to do in Switzerland on Sundays, but walk. Walk passed closed everything, aside from the very odd bakery. Lucky for my friend and I, one of those odd bakeries was Mr.& Mrs. Renou in Carouge. What a site this was to accidentally stumble upon. It’s supposedly one of the best in the city, the pastries pure works of art. I don’t want to keep you, so please find this line of up pudgy Paris-Bret’s bursting out of their shells.

Then there were the “finger” pastries, all apple, carmely, or chocolate decadence.

Then, there were the most gorgeous slices of millefeuille-like creations, each with a name remniscent of the shop. Mr. Carmel, Mrs. Citron, etc.

On the other side of the wall to tempt chocolate lovers, was case after case of homemade confection.

Chocolate trees for Christmas…

And the most gorgeous packaging.

We went with all things caramelized- a Mr. Caramel for it’s modern art mastery. And a Paris-Brest, my measure of pastry shops (mostly because it’s my favorite).

An absolute destination in Carouge AND open on Sundays. This could be absolutely dangerous if I continued to live nearby, but wouldn’t it be a nice challenge to work through their menu!


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