Puccini- Geneva

Puccini: my last meal before lock down, unknowingly. I’m glad it was a good one. I strolled by prior to apero hour and caught it empty, for a snap. Puccini shares its kitchen with it’s Michelin starred brother next door, so I figured I would be in for a treat in the more bistro-vibed area.

My only regret is not ordering the Franciacorta as an apertif. So rarely does one catch that on a menu. I was only sorry I found it too late. C’est la vie. I supposed I drank enough of it in Lake Como last year. 🙂 For a starter I enjoyed the warm octopus and potato salad.

The main blew my mind. While it looked simple, this award winning ravioli filled with a trio of meat, was out of this world. Isn’t that the beautiful thing about Italian cooking? It had me contemplating if I could return the following night and enjoy it again. (I did not).

Dessert was a light as air millefeiulle with berries.

Such a nice meal with a great server. The restaurant does a nice business too, as it was packed with all types. Dates, to groups of friends, and even (unfortunately) a group of women who thought it would be fun to bring toddlers along at 9PM on a Friday. PSA to restaurant crews: please stop seating solo diners with the kiddos they didn’t bring. Give me a canoodling couple any day of the week. Small, wild company aside, this was an excellent date night for one.


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