Stern- Luzern

The Stern restaurant in the Stern hotel in Luzern is known for it’s small portions so that you can try many dishes. Absolutely perfect for a lady riding solo. I was very much looking forward to a ‘tasting’ meal and headed to the restaurant after getting a haircut nearby. Lockdown life is strange.

The quaint building near the old quarter was darling. The hostess of the hotel was also the waitress and the bartender if that gives you an idea of the small scale of the ground floor restaurant. There are just 6 tables in the restaurant. I was glad to have one.

The decor felt more Scandinavian, all streamlined light colored wood and nice linens. The menus and printed materials were in these fun geometric patterns reminiscent of Goyard.

The bread service came with a trio of specialty salts to whet your pallet. Quite nice.

Where was this tiny menu I’d read about? Not here it seems. One chooses from a trio of appetizers, a trio of entrees, and two desserts. Perfect, I love restaurants that specialize, but this just wasn’t what I was expecting. I was excited to dig in anyway. First up, a soup that the waitress assures me is so good she eats it every day. It was egg and wine soup. EGG and WINE. What. I love both of these things, I’m sure they must be great in a bowl together? Spoiler alert: they were.

For the main I selected the beef and potatoes. They were served in a bit of jus, splash of lemon, sprinkle of Parmesan, and topped with an arugula salad. Interesting combination, but very delicious. The plate did feel never ending though; I could definitely have used a friend to get through all of it!

Roll me out of there, but there was still dessert. An, again very generous, apple tart.

Such a good meal in a really intimate setting of both size and dark lighting. This would be an excellent off the beaten path date night in Luzern. Had it not been pitch black in a foreign city, I could have really used the 20 minute walk back to the hotel. Phenomenal experience.


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