Les Ciboulettes- Geneva

Les Ciboulettes might be one of the simplest, but greatest finds in Geneva. Tucked away on a side street in Plainpalais, (right by my apartment), is this tiny restaurant specializing in meatballs! Beef, lamb, chicken, fish, veggie, you name it they have the ball with the coordinating sauce. They also carry ‘rosti’ balls which are balls of potato and cheese. So Swiss. And for dessert, cream puff type things that also look like meatballs. God, I love a theme.

So far, I have just eaten the same gorgeous, colorful salad on repeat. It is artfully arranged, making for a grand take away experience.

The beef balls each feature a dot of Gruyere cheese in the center. So Swiss, and such a fun surprise. This tiny place needs your love during lock down, so get your meatballs headed that way now.


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