Molina Pizza- Geneva

As a professional nomad these days, it probably should go without saying that the first meal in any new place must be pizza. Easily transportable, Saturday night treat. This last move proved just the same and happened as Geneva was moving themselves. Into lockdown. Again. After trying to order from two (closed) gourmet pizza restos, I landed on Molina because well, she was open.

I did what any starving, solo person would do and ordered their couples date night (and even left a review as such!). You didn’t have the option of choosing your pizza, but you did get two salads and pizza and salads are my favorite combo.

Their delivery was spot on and packaging elegant in the reusable pizza tote. Boxes were all elegantly stickerd. Ok, Molino, I see you.

Salads were simple, plentiful and good. Exactly what is needed with ‘za. One for today and the other for tomorrow.

The couples pizzas were a bit dull, ‘ham’ pizza. Eh, ok.

And veggie pizza, which was much better.

Like any good couple, the pair brought balance into the household and fed me four times over. Not pictured, a very coffee heavy tiramisu. This weird couples, moving Saturday night saved me 15 CHF and I would defo do it again. Hopefully, with my ‘date night’ reviewed, they’ll kick in dessert, because isn’t that the most romantic.


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