Brasserie des Tours

In recent marathon day of furniture shopping, I found myself near my next shop conquests, positively starving. I was near Carouge and had heard good things, so I walked into the town square to check it out. An adorable slice of Italian village-like buildings. I popped my head into a busy-ish cafe and asked for a table outside, (there were many). The maitre’d was incredibly put out by this, that I just did an about face and headed back toward furniture land where I’d passed a colorful brasserie. I decided whatever it was would be fine. Lucky for me it was the cheerful, Brasserie Tours. While it didn’t have the highest rating on Google, it was busy, the staff was friendly and the portions were huge. Win, win, win.

Since I was dining al fresco, I decided that it was still Caprese salad season. There should be a warning that this is for a family. It was absolutely massive. I shared this on IG, and received more comments than possibly anything I’ve posted from my move abroad. Everyone was here for the burrata Caprese.

The next time I find myself in furnitureland hell on a Saturday, I’ll be sure to start the journey at Brasserie des Tours.


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