Marcel – Geneva

I think I’m still full from the incredible lunch that I shared with a friend at Marcel yesterday. Located just a stone’s throw from my first Geneva Airbnb in the central city, it’s probably best that I found out about this place only two days prior to moving.

The interior was industrial chic, all black metal furniture and hanging light bulbs. The clipboard menus -that I wanted everything to eat- and too cool pen- that I’d wanted to steal- furthered the vibe.

My friend and I had a couple glasses of the local Geneva white on special. Positively delightful. And we were greeted with a carafe of water that I didn’t even have to beg for. Usually, I find it very difficult to obtain tap water without an eyeroll in restaurants. I chug the stuff and I’ll also chug your wine so just let me live.

We shared the truffled quesadilla to start. Goodness it was rich and maybe nice for a bite or two but really this could have fed six despite it being small.

For the main, I had an incredible halloumi salad on a bed of cucumbers, tomatoes, toasted almonds, and cranberries. The salad bowl seemed to be never ending! Again, we could have split this.

My friend has a massive sweet tooth so we split the cheesecake, which I always seem to eat with her. Cheesecake is a bit different here. The crust is all speculoos cookies and the cheesecake isn’t like dense, American cheesecake, it’s lighter, creamier. A really dangerous Swiss habit to get into, for certain.

Marcel is an absolute gem in Geneva, just across the street from Place des Eaux Vives, which dangerously means that it is easily accessible at any time. This also means, I can’t wait to return even when I move this weekend.


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