Pizza Leggera

After a 14.5 mile hike and barely eating, do you even care what your dinner is? Absolutely, you do not. These are the times that you are basically obligated to dine at the restaurant in your building- for me, this was Pizza Leggera.

I’d tried this joint once before and accidentally ordered a super weird pie, but the salad was fantastic. Super simple, but good dressing and fresh. Tonight, it didn’t disappoint either. Somehow the order even managed a 10% takeaway discount. Into it.

The pizza itself, 4 seasons, was a ltitle sad. Very thin gluten-free crust which makes for a nice crunch if you aren’t trying to be totally carby. Alas, tonight I needed all the carbs, so it just didn’t do it for me.

The guys running Pizza Leggera: great. Smells in my elevator: phenomenal. Salad Mixte: great. Pizza: OK.


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