Brasserie Lipp – Geneva

Last summer I had my introduction to Brasserie Lipp over a somewhat *ok really* awkward work dinner. Despite the strange company and strange evening, I instantly knew that I loved this brasserie and that I would soon return and order the dessert skipped on the first occasion, as this place has quite the extensive dessert menu.

It seemed fitting to return for my first solo meal in Geneva, a week into my habitation here. I’d marked my first full saturday as a walking/shopping/exploring/ ‘treat yo’self’ kind of day, so Brasserie Lipp was absolutely where I would have a lingering, solo lunch. I made my reservation via email and away I went.

Despite telling the hostess about my reservation in (probably poor) French (but French, nonetheless) she apologized that they had no English menus, but that the waiter would translate. Bish…now I did not ask for an English menu, I’m in a French speaking city, I’m stumbling through it, damnit. And I did just that, my waiter keeping up the rouse responding to my poor, beat up high school French only in French. Much appreciation.

Now, let’s get to the food because it was as phenomenal as I remembered. Obviously, I kicked off with a glass of the Brasserie Lipp brut and started with these gorgeous scallops where you choose how many you’ll eat. A dozen seemed embarrassing, so I went with three, though I could have eaten 100. They are perched atop a buttery cracker that is piled with shredded, cooked onions and the whole thing is sublimely good. Tender scallops, perfectly cooked, the delicious sauce, this elegant presentation. Yes, please send more scallops. (They do offer scallops as a main, this will be investigated soon. Stay tuned).

For the main, I went with the moules frites, which Brasserie Lipp is known for as they have several iterations of this meal. The broth is heaven and filled with all sorts of diced veggies, which makes sopping it up (or eating it with a spoon) absolutely respectable as one needs their daily dose of veggies. The fries come with their own heating lamp, which is darling. The wine was a white burgundy that landed well with all of it.

Since it was treat yo’self day, of course I had dessert. I narrowed it down to four selections and let the waiter guide me between them. He landed on ile flotante which is something I love, so I ran with it. (Note, trying to get used to my French keyboard, yet no idea how to accent my French terms properly, so just roll with ile as ile. Merci). The ile flotant comes in three sizes. I asked for the petit, but seemingly received the medium sized one, which I could tell when the bill arrived. Omg, this was absolutely delcious with it’s crunch bits of nuts and brittle breaking up the creme anglais-like sauce. I could have used a friend for this one. Or the petit that I ordered…

An unbelievable lunch which I promptly walked off (I hope) with eight miles of exploring. Brasserie Lipp will continue to be a go to for me as I work my way through their seafood heavy menu – next up, scallops as a main and a millefeuille.


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