Creperie d’Ouchy

Do not mistake this with a douchy creperie, as it was rather a lovely, Creperie d’Ouchy. Situated across the street from the lake, this waterfront restaurant is always packed with people, but receives average reviews. On my last day in Lausanne, I needed a simple, fairly quick lunch so I thought why not try it. How charming is it from the outside?

The view across the street is pure magic- lake in the foreground with snowcapped mountains just behind. So much for fall, but damn was it pretty.

I ordered a buckwheat crepe called the John Kerry. It was full of ratatoille, goat cheese, and arugala. What this has to do with John Kerry, I’ll never know as I was not prepared to have that conversation in French. Very delicious and filling.

The kind staff, excellent location, and easy lunch would definitely bring me back here should I find myself back in Lausanne, keeping my eyes peeled for John Kerry, of course.


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