Rue d’Ouchy – Lausanne

The month of September 2020 was spent just a stone’s throw from the Rue d’Ouchy (which makes for quite some funny business signs) in Lausanne. This wide residential street was quite charming and packed with flower shops and grand old buildings. The local businesses quickly became some of my favorites in the city.

Dimora Romeo is a tiny shop specializing in Italian imports. The owner, a floppy haired young Italian told me all about the importing tribulations that Covid brought while he kept passing me delightful meats and cheeses to sample. I left with the last burrata from the south and some incredible salami made of 12 different meats. The man did not steer me wrong and I only wished I had a full kitchen that warranted buying more.

In addition to Italian delights, the charming owner also gives excellent restaurant recommendations…review coming soon.

I plated what must be the last of the summer tomatoes and enjoyed my very creamy burrata for a Saturday night treat.

To sop up all of that cheesy goodness, I would need an excellent baguette and since it was Saturday night, I would splurge on the time and funds of this important acquisition. My friend, a Lausanne native, pointed me to the Bread Store which also resides on Rue d’Ouchy.

I joined the very long, somewhat slow move queue on a cold Saturday morning. Not only did I end up with this truly perfect baguette, I also snagged a couple pastries to get me through the weekend and would walk twenty miles to earn them 🙂

I hate to say this, but the pastry did not remotely change my life. But. This WAS the Bread Store after all, what was I thinking? The bread, was phenomenal. So simple, but so darn good.

Make sure to seek out both of these small shops during your next stay in Ouchy for ingredients of the perfect, indulgent evening.

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