Piazza San Marco – Lausanne

Does it feel like I’ve been dining out a lot? Yes, to me also. For two weeks of quarantine I dined in and then in the two weeks I had remaining in Lausanne, I guess I just had to get it all out on the table…all the tables… of all the restaurants.

Piazza San Marco was not really on my list of restaurants despite it being in my building. I wasn’t overly enamored with the menu or TripAdvisor reviews, but one rainy night (they are all rainy nights), I ducked under the awning and gave it a go. My darling grandfather had researched it online so I felt that I owed it to him to give it a try.

The simple mixed salad was actually quite nice. Very plentiful, and all the colorful veggies that my cheese-riddled body desired.

The pizza was more of a cracker, which was great not to load up on bread. I stuck with a simple margarita which was exactly what this large cracker needed to be. I’m not sure it could handle other toppings.

All in all a very fine meal. Not life changing, but inexpensive, next door, and busy with others doing the same. The ambiance was set well for Covid and was quite lively with dates and parties. I’d return under similar circumstances of a sleepy, rainy evening alone. Thanks for a lovely evening San Marco.


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