White Horse Tavern

The White Horse Tavern in Ouchy is my ‘local’ as they say, so it has been overdue to give it a test drive. I chose the Monday holiday to do so as the restaurants on the lake were quite jammed and a normal, Anglo pub just felt right and easy. It was nice, very clean, and easy, yes. Still, a very French pub, as it should be I suppose. You would not mistake you were in Britain here.

Well, maybe with this very heavy salad you would. Don’t get me wrong this “Country” salad was delicious and welcomed after a long day of travelling and no food. It just strikes me as comical that the salad was mostly thick bread covered in cheese with a side of fried cheese.

As an aside, I ordered a ‘Country’ salad at the office the next day because I was in it for the hard boiled egg I saw perched on top of the veggies. Well, under this deceiving veggie layer the salad was about 90% boiled, unseasoned potatoes. So gross. I need to steer clear of country salads, but this one hit the spot- after leaving behind a good bit of the bread- and definitely made me excited to return to my new local.


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