La Vue Restaurant- Gstaad

The Huus Hotel was so lovely that I had to tell you about their one downfall, really major disappointment to all it served the night of September 19 – their restaurant, La Vue.

As a solo lady traveler, I never know if I am going to bumped from places because my check probably won’t amount to what the restaurant is looking for from a table of two or if I’ll be fully embraced and treated like a queen. It’s a gamble and why I often try to make a reservation in advance to prepare both parties for my solo-dom. Solo-dom often by choice, I might add. This trip was no different and the front desk kindly made me a reservation a week in advance. I was looking forward to a high end cozy restaurant in the mountains to read and indulge in a nice meal. Instead, I (and seemingly the entire hotel) was treated to a line to even talk to the host. When my turn finally came, half an hour past my reservation time, the host rudely couldn’t believe that I was alone and then gave a huge, exaggerated frowny face. It is people like this person that make me glad to eat alone. I would not want this company. Gross. Strike one.

Strike 2 came as I sat and sat and sat. Finally, the table was set as I was sitting there and wine was delivered. Fine, whatever. My table (and many others) had a view of this dramatic host situation. He buzzed back and forth all evening delivering warm sparkling wine to his huge cruise -ship style line of customers waiting for their table. The whole ambiance of the restaurant, other tables, the staff, and the plating could ultimately be described as ‘stressed and disorganized.’ If I hadn’t already ordered, I would have fled the scene realizing that the crowded, loud, long line were all a petri dish for Covid. Solo and nowhere/way to go doesn’t always end well.

I ordered the starter I’d wanted to try- salmon tartare with a shot of gin and tonic. Fun concept, but the salmon had no flavor. I choked it down with no crisp or bread to serve the salmon on, the bread guy wouldn’t show up until later.

The main course…well…let’s just say that I did this correctly. Once I realized what a shitshow this place was, I just ordered the cheapest thing on the menu in order to get this experience overwith. That would be pesto pasta, which really didn’t sound all that bad, especially after hiking 11 miles. This was the delivery. Absolutely beyond disgusting. It’s like Oscar the Grouch exploded then farted on the plate. I picked at some of the drier bits and just took my check. The waitress apologized for the whole evening actually and I woke ravenous.

Friends who ordered sushi from the lobby lounge waiting one hour and forty minutes for their food. I realize the hotel was full, but do not fill it if you’re going to give vacationers a bad experience. Huus has a mountain of work to do on their food program. I will let you imagine what a massive breakfast buffet in the time of Covid is like. I skipped day two. Save yourself the headache and make some dinner plans anywhere else.

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