Huus Hotel- Saanen/Gstaad

The Golden Pass train dropped me at Saanen where I was met by (a pre-arranged) red-suspender-clad member of the Huus Hotel Team. He quickly drove me the ten minutes up the mountain in a Huus branded Land Rover and deposited me straight to a velvety couch, coffee in hand. I felt very taken care of as I waited for the rain to subside (and to check-in) and enjoyed the cool vibe of the Design Hotel.

The hotel was creative and thoughtfully designed, as I’ve come to expect from the group of Design Hotels that I seek out when I travel. Why not stay in a fun space if you’re going to be away? The staff was excellent from the front desk (including the many emails exchanged before my arrival), to the bar servers, to the housekeeping who kept the room immaculate, just what you want in a pandemic. As I had the valley of Saanenland all around me, offering different villages to explore, I slept very soundly in a cushy queen sized bed and enjoyed the beauty of an overhead shower, something I missed from the States instantly. The room even came with a thoughtful backpack to take hiking- thank goodness, otherwise I guess I was hiking with a Longchamps tote? And also a bag with towels for the pool and spa. However, my favorite was the modern cuckoo clock that adorned my wall in its rose gold glory.

The hotel patrons were QUITE the mix. I was surprised by the number of young, like really young, children running all over the lobby in the afternoon/early evening. Similarly, I was surprised by the number of 19 year olds who were extremely rude and slamming beers the first night of my stay. There was also a crew of more seasoned veterans who brought their antique cars to town. Where were my other solo thirty-somethings? Seemingly not here… but I would come back. Lovely spot just close enough to Gstaad which really just warranted a single day trip itself.

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