Swiss Miss: Golden Pass Swiss Railway

I’ve always had a love for train travel, maybe because I’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of it in the US. High on my list is an old timey, Orient Express type- preferably run by the Belmond Hotel Group train ride. Well, these far exceed my pay grade, so Switzerland’s Golden Pass was an economical substitute. Switzerland takes these Belle Epoque trains, refurnished them and runs them around the country for no additional fee, you just have to check for their schedule.

My first weekend in Switzerland was a long one, so I thought what a perfect release from quarantine than to hop on one and have an adventure! My first class ticket cost me 29 CHF and took me approximately 2 hours into the mountains towards Zweismann, in Saanen, near Gstaad.

How gorgeous are these first class cars?

The train was nearly empty, thanks COVID. Also, thanks to COVID there was no food car available. Can’t you just see a martini trolley strolling through this car?

The luggage rack was good for a small handbag… my carryon Away bag looked quite out of place teetering above on the brass racks.

Embroidered details on the seat backs.

The view from just above Montreux.

Somewhere in the mountains…

Nearly there…

On the other side of the mountains.
Approaching Saanen

The velvety valley of Saanenland.

I will continue to hunt these gorgeous Belle Epoque train routes down as I explore Switzerland. Stay tuned!


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