The Greek Project

Get me to the Greek! My best far so far (10 days in) has been The Greek Project in Lausanne. I’ve ordered delivery twice and it’s been absolutely fresh and delicious both times. Uber Eats gives you 13 CHF off of 50 CHF which is a relative steal for the three meals I divide it into. This is so much better than cooking… I suddenly see why people don’t cook.

Anyway, the Greek salad is phenomenal and generous. Comes spotted with these oddly sweet big ass caper-type berries. Could leave them, but ya know, how would you say in French that big ass caper-type berries aren’t necessary? I’m not sure either.

They have two hot dishes- chicken or pork gyro meat. I love a restaurant that specializes in a few great things. Both rounds I’ve had the chicken which was great, reheats well, and is delightful with the accompanying tzatziki. She ain’t pretty, but she is generous. Oh, also comes with like six fries which are perfect to satiate a potato craving.

The bit I keep ordering as my 13 CHF freebie is the Greek trio which is spicy(ish) feta, tzatziki, and some eggplant spread. All delightful on chicken (or the pita, I try not to eat after day 1).

So nice to find good, fast, fairly inexpensive food in Switzerland. This will be a mainstay for me if I mainly stay in Lausanne.


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