Slice Lausanne

Quarantine cooking with no pantry has proved ‘intersting.’ The two proper meals I’ve made have been downright bad. My main focus these days is omlettes and salads. How am I going to cook for my imaginary French dinner parties?? After a really disappointing meal Friday, I needed a redemption on Saturday and that would be in the form of trying a new Lausanne restaurant. Food delivery is not really my thing, not once in US quarantine, but pizza can be OK and Switzerland oddly has delicious pizza.

Slice was the number one spot on Trip Advisor so I ordered directly from them (for free! A real anomaly) and enjoyed this gorgeous veggie, cheesy, something with pancetta. How gorgeous is this pie?

As expected, the delivery brought this beautiful pie, but by the time I tackled part of it, it was limp. Threw a slice in the skillet for a few minutes and utter perfection.

The pizza place recommends this tomato eggplant sauce to dip the crust into and the proved delicious also. This might be the biggest reward for a Saturday night spend in Lausanne, while it can’t be a habit…because pants…I would definitely enjoy doing it again. Thanks for redeeming my weekend menu, Slice.


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