Swiss Missed

Well, I’m basically a Swiss Miss now, I’ve experienced so many regional wonders while in midday day number nine of quarantine. Let’s see, there were food deliveries, laundry in a bunker, the tease of some good sunsets, instant coffee, windows open sleeping where bugs feasted on me while I slumbered….I could go on…

Really, though, it’s been mostly just fine and allowed me to “have” to relax and catch up on reading, Netflix, and French lessons. It was nice not to have moving tasks for a week or feel the need to explore every nook and cranny of Lausanne. Not to mention, I think my sleep is kind of regulated? Fingers crossed anyway, the absense of the outdoors and long walks is really killing me in the jet lag department. And while I’ve gotten my 10K steps inside my Airbnb, it’s not quite the same.

I have been keeping track of what I had wished I’d packed. And knowing what I know now…that a business class ticket allows you 70 pound bags, not 50, I’d have definitely done it. Perhaps this will be helpful for anyone else making a big move. This list might be quarantine heavy, because I think if I was going into the office daily, this would look different. For now, here is what was Swiss Missed:

The Swiss Missed List

  • Dishwasher soap – Airbnb did not provide and it’s like $40 here
  • Paper towels– So handy and Airbnb lacking. (They did have TP, thank goodness).
  • Small wireless speaker
  • HDMI cord– to turn a tv into a monitor or to not watch movies on an ipad
  • Over the door hook– towels, robes, just overall handy
  • Fresh kitchen sponge– Airbnb did have one, but would have been good not to risk it
  • Throw– I use a throw even when it’s 100 degrees out. What was I thinking here? Plus, would ward off evening bugs that sneak in through my open window.
  • More cozy lounge clothes– enough said
  • Laundry liquid soap– to hand wash dedicates in the tub

I did have a few good ideas of items that I was glad to have packed. Here’s that much shorter list.

The Swiss Miss List

  • Ziplock bags– really couldn’t pack enough of these
  • Snacks– can’t do this wrong especially for quarantine
  • Target plastic bags– great for bathroom trash
  • Reusable totes– great for basement laundry hauls
  • Wine stopper– gotta keep it fresh


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