Macarons in Bed

That’s Macarons in Bed, not mayhem…get your mind out of the gutter. Macarons in Bed are not only a sweet luxury en suite, they’re also the new hotel ranking system from the gorgeous team behind this tasty blog of wanderlust.

Along with each sometimes sarcastic, sometimes overly passionate hotel write-up, a number of macarons will now be included with each stay. The macaron count signifies how long you want to hang out in your bed snacking on fou fou desserts or really if you want to book this stay for yourself. Not to worry, no crumbs in the sheets with these macarons, as they look like this…

The Macaron Quartet: Absolutely exceptional. Every taste bud has been satisfied and you will be driven to eat these Macarons in this Bed again. Something akin to those of Laduree or Lucette Grace.
The Macaron Trio: This combination of experiential elements hits all the spots. A really great time; you’d definitely like a repeat performance and to visit again.
Pair of Macarons: Something is definitely lacking – that third macaron. This suite is well-intentioned, maybe you just caught it on a bad day. Try this again if you had to under different circumstances.
The Dreaded Solo Macaron: Cracked, crumbly, outdated, probably has traces of salmonella. Do not try this Macaron in Bed again. Poor quality and experience in every way.


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