Duck, Duck, Goose- Baltimore

On a recent trip to Baltimore, my colleague and I had the very difficult task of testing several restaurants and bars for upcoming events that we will be hosting. We stumbled into Duck, Duck, Goose accidentally one evening. A neighboring barman pointed us to some cocktail lounge called ‘Rye.’ We saw a sign for Rye and entered what turned out to be Duck, Duck, Goose. Turns out that Rye is a spirit commonly sponsoring signs in Baltimore. What a happy accident this turned out to be!

We started by sitting at the bar and trying a few snacks and cocktails since our lunch plans didn’t exactly happen. First, I tried a Grey Goose cocktail with flakes of gold and champagne. For $8 on happy hour! Yes, please! The barman made each drink with a tiny sidecar to top you off. Adorable. For food, we started with a gorgeous charcuterie board that included a duck pate and duck sausage(!). Very interesting and delightful.

We then tried the teeny, tiny pulled duck sliders which were fun and nice, but really I could have skipped and just made out with the charcuterie board instead.

My colleague opted for a fruity concoction, that again came with a sidecar peeking out from the side.

While admiring the playful, modern interior, we decided that it would be in our best interest to have dinner here too since obviously, we needed to host an event here.

On the night we were dining, it was half off rose bottles. Um, ok, no problem. Whispering Angel for retail would do just fine, thanks.

We shared entrees and I opted for a braised lamb, which was very nice. My colleague (a dude) ate most of it, as I was so full from snacks on snacks.

He opted for the duck which was just delicious.

We also shared the charred broccoli which was served in a lemon curd. Sounds so weird but was out of this world! Thanks to the waiter for this recommendation!

You thought we would do all this food recon and skip dessert? Wrong. I tried a fruit napolean which was OK. I had just a few bites after removing the brick-like pastry layer on top. The cream was nice, but the whole thing was not flaky, and was more paving stone like. Not the star of the show, which was perfect because I was STUFFED.

My colleague opted for profiteroles which I don’t recall even tasting. He polished them off though, so they couldn’t have been too bad.

The staff and food at Duck, Duck, Goose are incredible. They gave us a tour on the spot of possibilities for our event that I so hope we will wind up hosting there. What a wonderful respite in a sea full of tavern-y bars at Fell’s Point. Add this to your Baltimore to-do list and heck, maybe find the real Rye too? (Or don’t….)

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    1. Thank you. Really is a must eat!



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