The 1040- Brussels

While it is my wish that no one has to stay at weakest link in the Sofitel portfolio, Sofitel Brussels Europe, the property surprisingly hosts an exceptional restaurant, The 1040. The restaurant came so highly recommended from the lovely bar staff of the same name that I just had to try and it and I must say that both dinners here salvaged my trip to Brussels.

Night one started with the regional delicacy of ‘shrimp fritter.’ This guy was massive and landed on some top 10 fritters in Brussels list. Bring a friend and maybe a hollow leg; this was a big one.

For the main on night one, I opted for again the recommendation of the sweet lady behind the bar of 1040- salmon, some other fish bits, a few potatoes, and drizzled with a hollandaise. Woah. Again, bring a friend.

For dessert, I opted for the Merveilleux, a seemingly regional specialty only previously seen in Paris and London. In a delightful change of events, this was inside out from what I was used to and was a meringue-y ball full of white chocolate cream. Unbelievable.

Because what are calories, I also dined here on my second night. Here’s a snippet of the option-heavy breadbasket and one of several glasses of an Italian white that came recommended by the staff at 6 euros per glass.

I tried all of the croquettes this round and while fun to taste the flavors, the cheesiness was really quite overpowering. I should have stuck with the shrimp of night one.

My main tonight was a deconstructed chicken pot pie, though noted more elegantly on the menu. I swear there were multiple chicken breasts in this and the sauce was so rich that I skipped the pastry and half of the dish. While it was good, seafood of the night before was the clear star.

Finally, for dessert….OMG…. this was the best thing I have eaten in a MINUTE. While it may look like a testicle, it was a chocolate bomb of chocolate mousse, banana mousse, and chunks of Speculoos cookies. Absolutely, I will add this to my death row menu.

Cracked open in all of it’s glory.

So again, for the last time, skip Sofitel Brussels Europe. Eat all the things at The 1040.


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