Sea Containers- London

Macaron Quartet: Exceptional service, cool room, killer location, great bars and resto.

You may remember a familiar looking hotel, The Mondrian London, that we visited together about a year and a half ago. After finding it again for Chinese New Year at an absolute steal, I decided to give it a try once again. The hotel is now known as Sea Containers and does not appear to be part of the Mondrian group any longer. The bars have changed over a bit too, but the hotel overall looks the same, which is refreshing as it still seems modern and clean, not yet dated.

I opted for a standard room that was ready upon arrival rather than an upgrade. Girl was sick and needed a bed. NOW.

The mini bar remained very well stocked and included some pre-bottled Lyan cocktails in case you couldn’t venture downstairs for the real deal- incredible as always.

I assume my fortune cookie was meant just for me…it certainly read that way.

The bathroom looked just the same as before and was perfectly serviceable, offering a lovely shower and generous counterspace.

I ventured down to the hotel bar to meet a colleague on night one and asked for something to help my sore throat. The barman offered me a ‘penicillin,’ a surprisingly delightful blend of whiskey, lemon, ginger, and honey. We went to dinner, and upon returning to the room, the barman had sent this pot of tea and honey upstairs my way, so kind! Again, on night two, the staff asked what was wrong with my voice and nearly forced more room service tea my way. So, so kind.

Seacontainers remains a London staple in my hotel rotation. I absolutely love the location on the South Bank in walking distance of the Tate, Water Color Society, Borough Market, the Shard, and even across the bridge to Covent Garden. The halls aren’t noisy. The bars and restaurant are really lovely. The value is incredible; just stay here.

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