Maggie Oaks- Montreal

Ok, so the William Gray was great, but how was the restaurant? Though it didn’t perform amazingly on the Google, I’m happy to say that it was really great too! In the four meals I enjoyed in Montreal, three were at Maggie Oaks. Because cold arsed Canada.

Lunch day 1: Simple green salad and a seemingly never ending bowl of French Onion soup.

Day 2: Lunch mistakingly delivered: beef tartare. This was returned because it wasn’t mine, but it looked great!

Lunch Day 2: The real day was salmon tartare. I had it the night before as a starter shared with colleagues. It was so wonderful that I went back just for it.

Not pictured: a seabass with veg and the steaks my dude colleagues dined on the day prior. Oh and a delightful Paris-Brest! Everything was fantastic and the service was most attentive and kind, seemingly never finding the bottom of our wine glasses.


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