Hotel William Gray- Montreal

Macaron Trio: Great location, cool vibe. Room was nice, but not totally comfortable/comfortable. House car not always available when stated.

After waiting two years for a certain customer meeting, the gang was finally in Montreal doing the damn thing. Naturally, they’d wanted to meet us on Thanksgiving, because Canada… so we agreed to a couple days before Christmas instead. I knew everyone was exhausted when they let me choose the hotel – William Gray. A really gorgeous space with a nice restaurant, oh and skate shop in the lobby. Worked quite well to impress most of the group, though I’m sure my more traditional boss was no so amused at the kicks stand.

There were all these gorgeous spaces hiding throughout the hotel…

After I walked up to this one, giddy as could be, I realize that it was likely someone’s engagement hangout. Not pictured: trail of rose petals leading to rose petal heart. I could have been for me….

The room was perfect, maybe a tad chilly, but the -3F weather was mostly to blame. I’d booked a business night and then a personal night and the hotel was most accommodating to combine the two which kept me from moving rooms.

The desk wasn’t very comfy, so I just worked from bed…or bar…

My room had a view of my destiny- a botched proposal spot.

The mini bar was a little dusty, but had anything one could want.

They went HAM on night one with two plates of treats. (My colleague also got the second one). Though nothing on night two was a bit of a disappointment. They spoil you early here.

The bathroom was basic, but I was grateful for some counter space so often lacking in Euro hotels.

That shower though…. Amazing. Rainfall with carwash sides. The whole thing got so very hot, it was the only thing that could begin to warm me from the blisteringly cold Montreal weather.

Next trip to Montreal – hopefully in the spring- I would definitely stay here again. I think it was in a good location? Though it was hard to say not getting out and about much due to the coldest day of the year. Walking to the Christmas market did not happen, but perhaps there will be something equally as wonderful in warmer weather…? See you next time, Mr. William Gray.


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