The Edinburgh Grand

Macaron Trio: Exceptional location and dining options. Comfortable room for a long term stay. A little loud and cold.

After spending a few evenings at The Hawskmoor Edinburgh and having drinks at the property’s fourth floor, Register Club, it was time for a proper stay at The Edinburgh Grand. The Grand sits at the far end of St. Andrew’s square and is in nice proximity to the train station, shops, and restaurants.

The Register Club is a lovely craft cocktail bar that sits on the fourth floor with lovely views of the square and some festivities below. I recommend a drink here even if you don’t have time for a full stay. Fun snacks too.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect of the apartment hotel, but it turned out to be more hotel than apartment which was perfect. There was still daily housekeeping service, a front desk, and room service. There’s a gym in the basement and three lovely restaurants on site. What more could you want?

The room is quite large and the balcony, which never photographed in the Scottish (lack of) ‘daylight’ was bigger than my entire apartment.

I suppose the apartment bit all comes down to the kitchen which would be perfect if you had a long stay.

There’s even a washer! No dry though.

Oddly, a full kitchen, but a very small closet. So, for a long trip you will do well to cook and clean, but will have no where to hang your clothes. Ah well.

The bathroom was sizable and had coveted counter space that so many European hotels lack.

Martin & Goetz products abound, though there was no shelf in the shower to keep anything, so hope you are flexible.

The staff was lovely. The restaurants are certainly delightful as we learned a few posts ago. And the room is spacious and cozy at the same time. The minor drawback was the adjoining room was noisy and smoky! late one night which woke me up; however, I’d certainly return to The Grand and just ask for a quiet, non-adjoining room.

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